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Digital sales for Telecoms

AI powered personalization to boost digital sales for Telecoms

AI applications can help Telecoms drive higher digital sales across all digital channels with micro-targeted cross-sell up-sell & hyper-personalized offers for own and partner ecosystem products. According to Mckinsey, Digital sales in Telecom help boost customer lead conversion rates with 50 - 165%...Read more

Hyper-personalized Telcom CX

Hyper-personalized Telcom CX with AI recommendation engine

A recent study by Gartner indicates that Brands risk losing 38% of customers because of poor personalization efforts. Today, Communication service providers are facing- declining customer loyalty, as they compete in a highly saturated market where companies are offering personalized digital experience...Read more

AI in Telecom

4 ways AI is transforming CX for telcos

With millions of subscribers and a growing number of telco products, today’s communication service providers (CSPs) are struggling to maintain high-levels of service standards and delightful customer experience while keeping a check on operational costs. Innovative AI-based automation provides the solution to meet ever-increasing...Read more


WhatsApp Business 101

WhatsApp business is a fast, reliable and secure way for businesses to interact with their customers around the globe. With the launch of WhatsApp for business in 2018, it went from a messaging platform for personal use, to a very convenient and easily accessible platform for businesses to carry out two way interactions with their customers. Today the WhatsApp...Read more


Seamless Bot to agent hand-off

AI powered chatbots are transforming the customer service landscape for businesses across industries, enhancing customer experience and satisfaction through automation, big data and analytics. Incorporating digitization comes with few concerns of its own like– How to resolve complex issues which need a human intervention?...Read more