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Hyper-personalized Telecom CX

Hyper-personalized Telecom CX with AI recommendation engine

A recent study by Gartner indicates that Brands risk losing 38% of customers because of poor personalization efforts.

Today, Communication service providers are facing- declining customer loyalty, as they compete in a highly saturated market where companies are offering personalized digital experience, customized products, and frictionless service.

So, how can you create differentiators among all the choices available to customers today? How do you keep your customer engaged by giving them personalized offers that are truly designed to keep their requirements only? How can you predict what your customer wants without breaking their journey?

According to BCG personalization at scale is the key, it can provide brands with a direct route to lower rates of customer churn and higher sales.

CSPs can achieve this by using their extensive customer data to automate insight-based actions & hyper-personalize interactions to create micro-moments that help engage and retain existing customers while attracting new ones.

Leverage the power of AI to automate insights from extensive customer data to personalize interactions and create micro-moments for that ‘wow’ experience.

How to Hyper–personalize:

  • Customer Journey Map – identify the customer journey and customer’s likely next step
  • Customer persona – identify patterns of behaviour and create a dynamic customer persona
  • Automated Recommendation – for context-based micro-moments
Predictive personalization powered by AI and Big data leverage customer profiling, customer behaviour, usage patterns, not only historic but real-time data to fuel proactive recommendations. AI is trained to understand the context and give the most relevant and accurate customized recommendations in real-time.

TelcoBuddy AI-based Recommendation Engine helps Telcos engage with their customer with the specific product recommendation, at the right channel, at the right time. The AI-based recommendation engine uses predictive analytics and Big data to create personalized “moments'' across customer interactions across channels.

First, the engine converts data into a customer persona.

Second, AI identifies the closest persona, maps product attributes and the customer journey to predict likely action.

Third, the recommendations are tailored based on the current context and delivered across mobile, web, chatbots, email campaigns, call centers, and all digital channels.

Dynamic Campaign management system:

The TelcoBuddy campaign management module lets CSPs create and deliver personalized campaigns for a product or bundle, for a selected set of target audiences across channels.

With an AI-based target customer recommendation engine, it creates dynamic customer personas based on more than 35 attributes like service usage patterns, data consumption, behavioural pattern, customer life stage, clickstream, and more for both new as well as existing customers. Watch video.


  1. 20% NPS Boost - Enhance digital CX with Omni-digital engagement across languages
  2. 25% boost in Digital Sales - automated query resolution and context-specific guidance, new customer acquisition with frictionless on boarding & hassle-free plan activation
  3. 20% revenue uplift with customized offers and cross-sell, upsell recommendations
  4. 30% lower cost to serve - Seamless Human+AI interface for higher FCR and call deflection
  5. 15% reduction in churn
Know your customer more than ever before. Hyper- personalization has been proven to be directly proportional to brand loyalty. Knowing what your customers need and finding ways to solve their problems (often before they know they even have a problem) helps build long-lasting customer relationships and increase customer loyalty.

Transform the way you interact with your customers by delivering a personalized experience across channels and languages.

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