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Lebara case study

Lebara – TelcoBuddy Innovative Partnership: Improving Digital CX With AI-Powered Automation

Client overview

Lebara is one of Europe’s fastest-growing mobile companies with more than 5 million active customers. Lebara Mobile launched the first-ever low-cost international mobile service in the Netherlands in 2004. Today, Lebara Mobile provides SIM cards customized to the needs of international & local residents and has operations in 10 countries including Saudi Arabia.

Market Landscape

The Saudi Arabia Telecom Market is fiercely competitive, with a very high SIM ownership rate, telecom industry is rapidly changing in terms of technological developments, service delivery, competitive landscape, and telcos' services expansion in the non-traditional telecom services arena.

Solution goals

Emerge as the number one brand for customer experience while expanding low-cost, high-quality services to a wider set of customers within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Offer real-time online support, frictionless transactions, and personalized customer services in English, Arabic, & Urdu.

Seamlessly embed multiple digital channels (website, mobile app, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter) into the customer service & support ecosystem.


Multilingual support - English, Arabic, & Urdu

Omni-Digital expandable solution delivering superlative CX across the website, mobile app, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter.

AI-powered Automated Customer support with NLP-based FAQs & frictionless Service requests like:

  • Get PUK number
  • Get internet settings
  • Get USSD code (for service & request)
  • Activate/Deactivate International Roaming
  • Activate/Deactivate Ringback tones.
  • Complaint management
Frictionless transactions including
  • Credit Transfer
  • Change primary plan
  • Talktime & data Top-up
  • Add-on purchase
  • Value add service purchases
  • International & local calling packages (Activate, Top-up)
  • Data package
  • Order SIM/eSIM
Seamlessly integrated bot to agent handoff based on language skill.

Supervisor and marketing analytics with fine-grained details of user behavior, Bot and Agent performance, Cohort analysis, Channel performance & transaction analytics.

Dynamic product catalog management system.


  • Completely secure on-premise deployment
  • Integration with Huawei backend system
  • CRM integration
  • Mobile and website integration
  • Messenger channel integration - Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp

Success factors

  • Pre-built Telco-specific customer journeys that helped reduce the deployment time considerably.
  • Product configuration flexibility to manage changes in packages & offers
  • Configurable workflows and customizable user interface to adapt to Lebara’s branding guidelines.
  • Scalable and expandable technology architecture to handle customer volumes, software updates, and additional channels.
  • Built-in multi-layered data security and authentication mechanism.

Business Impact

Substantially lower cost to serve, increase FCR rates, and high call deflection with proactive service & automated customer support across channels and languages.

Enhance Customer engagement and boost upsell - cross-sell with customer behavior analytics.

30% reduction in customer support costs with an increase in call deflection & FCR